ShmooCon 18: DCSL-002 - EuroAir Flight 329

The downing of EuroAir Flight 329 by the great dragon Sirrug - once the leader of Amazonia, now gone missing - is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Sixth World.

In the shadow of a nation overshadowed in its own conspiracies, Mister Johnson believes he has uncovered the key to unravelling the mystery. He needs a team of shadowrunners to extract his deep undercover confidant to blow the lid on this thing wide open. The pay is good, omae, and what could be simpler than a trip to the Air & Space Museum?

Shadowrun: Anarchy is a type-2 (rules-light, narrative focused) alternative ruleset of the famous Shadowrun cyberpunk RPG. This event is being organized by a Washington, DC based group of shadowrunners known as the DC Shadow Lobby and is set in DeeCee, the capital of the United Canadian and American States.

This setting is a far cry from the familiar Seattle setting of Shadowrun, and yet should be a relatively quick adjustment for people familiar with the franchise.

Our missions are beginner-friendly; no previous experience with Shadowrun or Shadowrun: Anarchy required. We're targeting 3-4 hour session including introductory explanation and familiarization as required.

Code of Conduct

This event will be subject to the ShmooCon Terms of Conduct and the DC Shadow Lobby Code of Conduct.

This event is not affiliated with ShmooCon - it is being conducted by an attendee of the conference.

I Want To Play!

To sign up, please post a comment in my Signup Thread at!

Further Notes About The Event

There is no reserved space for this session. We will find some spot in the hotel's common areas to play. Be advised that we may find ourselves sitting in a corner on the floor somewhere. As this is an unofficial event, I am unable to guarantee accommodations for gamers with physical limitations (and I apologize in advance for this).

Food is not provided. We can make a on-the-spot group decision to either order in, to make a takeout/beer run as a group, or to get dinner as a group before beginning the game.

Note that this game is likely to overlap with the ShmooCon Party. I make no promises about trying to rush to get things done before the party begins.

New to Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is a cyberpunk gaming universe set in the year 2075 in an alternative timeline to our own. This is a blending of sci-fi high tech themes with magic and fantasy elements, establishing a unique fusion of styles and gameplay that feels exotic and familiar to gamers all at once. One of the most important things about this universe for our group is the fact that it's a projection of our own: we get to compare and contrast the world we play in to the one we live in.

To learn more about the universe, please read this excerpt from Catalyst's Shadowrun: Anarchy Rulebook called The Edge of Now.

This is a great primer on what you'll find in the Sixth World and what you can expect!

Want to Know More?

What Do I Need? - Player Preparation

Players will be able to choose from a selection of premade characters. Materials for this will be provided in advance. This is the only preparation required, but you wouldn't be disadvantaged if you made your choice on the spot at the start of the game.

You don't need anything else - dice, books, prior experience, nada. Come as you are!

Writing Credits

This mission was written by: Mark WashburnGio CirilloDJ MadeiraEric Kolb