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Welcome to DeeCee, Chummer!

This is the home of the DC Shadow Lobby, a group of Shadowrun players and GMs living in the DC of olden times, before the start of this wild and weird Sixth Age. If you've found your way here, maybe you've signed up for a Shadowrun or Shadowrun: Anarchy session hosted by these folks. Good for you, omae! Read on for everything you need to know before your guided tour through 2075's Federal District of Columbia.

Who (or What) is the Shadow Lobby?

The DC Shadow Lobby is a collective of Shadowrun GMs and players in the Washington, DC area. Starting as a group of co-workers for a software firm in the utilities sector, the group morphed and grew as some of our number moved onto other things and additional people came in. As our own game matured, we found that we shared a love for turning our home city piece-by-piece into a cyberpunk vision of itself - because there is no sourcebook for DeeCee save the one we've been working on! The Shadow Lobby is our efforts to share that outside our own little group, to field test some of our ideas for the far-future capital of the United Canadian and American States.

What Kind of Events Do We Host?

While we play Shadowrun Fifth Edition, we primarily host Shadowrun: Anarchy events. Anarchy is an alternative ruleset for Shadowrun that drops away a lot of the technical rules and focuses on the narrative. The difference is that playing 5E is like planning an elaborate heist and Anarchy is like watching an action movie about that heist. While 5E allows tremendous depth in character development and simulation-like gameplay at times, getting started is a real time-suck. A well-built character can take a couple of hours to create from scratch, even for seasoned veterans to the game. Yikes!

Anarchy, in sharp contrast to 5E, is very easy to explain and very easy to play. New players - even people who have never played Shadowrun at all - can jump in, play, and have fun without needing to do much or any preparation.

Our group loves to focus on the setting, on the story. We live in DC and we want to present stories that show you how we envision this alt-future version of DeeCee in the most accessible way possible.

New to Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is a cyberpunk gaming universe set in the year 2075 in an alternative timeline to our own. This is a blending of sci-fi high tech themes with magic and fantasy elements, establishing a unique fusion of styles and gameplay that feels exotic and familiar to gamers all at once. One of the most important things about this universe for our group is the fact that it's a projection of our own: we get to compare and contrast the world we play in to the one we live in.

To learn more about the universe, please read this excerpt from Catalyst's Shadowrun: Anarchy Rulebook called The Edge of Now.

This is a great primer on what you'll find in the Sixth World and what you can expect!

Want to Know More?

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Important Note

DC Shadow Lobby events are subject to its own Code of Conduct as a supplement to the code of conduct published by the promoters of any conference, convention, or other event hosting our events. The purpose of this is to ensure that our players and game masters feel comfortable at our gaming table, regardless of whether the larger event has a defined CoC

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